About water

Water is the most important part of all living all over the world. It is necessary development and growth of all living organism. The weight of a newborn child consists of 80% of water and the mass of the adult person consists of 60-65% of water. Muscles consist of 75% of water, bones - 22% and brain – 70-85%. The need of organism in water corresponds to the quantity of the lost liquid and it is necessary 1500 ml of pure drinking water daily for full satisfaction. The pure water does not have calories does not irritate stomach, does not require digestion. This drink is perfect and is created by nature itself.

Abkhazia takes one of the leading places in the world by reserves and quality of drinking water. Unusual purity and clarity of rivers of Abkhazia as marked by Moscow Archeological Commission.

1,7 million m³ of river flow is for square km of the territory of the country. 30 thousand m³ per year is for per capita and it is in 11 times higher than European index.

The underground rivers form in the glaciers of the Bolshoi Caucasian Mountains Ridge and pass by underground canal filter and saturate by mineral salts. The Black Sea Water creates a back pressure for movement of underground waters in the coastal zones. As a result underground lakes of drinking water of the highest quality are formed in the valley part of Abkhazia. This natural resource is the important and demanded in the global economy as oil and gas.

The source water of each well has an individual structure by its medical and consumer properties subject to saturation in the underground channels of mineral salts. In the 60-70 years of the last century large scale geological surveys on assessment of oil and gas reserves in the continental shelf of the Black Sea were held by the USSR Academy of Science in Abkhazia. More than 170 wells were drilled but oil and gas reserves seemed to be negligible. At the same time drinking and mineral water reserves and different thermal springs were opened. Mineral and drinking water of Abkhazia are the same by their quality as famous brands as «Borzhomi», «Narzan», «Bon-Agua», «Evian» and others.

The Kodor River is one of the largest of the Caucasus and rivers that carry their fresh waters in to the Black Sea. Tsebelda valley is a channel of underground rivers which form underground lakes and «Lens» in its plain parts. At the beginning of 1980’ies one of the first joint Soviet – American Company “Pepsi-Cola” was built. The production of the company was successful in Abkhazia and outside. The company activity has been stopped since 1992-1993. Nowadays, the basic funds and equipment of the company is not subject to restoration.

Location of the company by bottling of drinking water of the highest category of trade mark «KODOR» by quality of source water was very important. The basic of artesian well #156 on the depth of 200 meters of «AQUA SERVICE» Ltd. is in the region of this underground lake. The source water consists of unique composition of mineral salts, balanced by the nature.

According to the results of hydro-chemical analysis of water samples from wells performed in the Abkhazian center of ecological monitoring “This water is low-mineralized “total mineralization is 0.21 g/1” sodium-hydrocarbon ate- calcium type with weak alkalescent reaction of the environment (pH=7,18) without «specific components». The water does not contain any toxic and strictly normalized components both in the organic (phenols, SAS, etc.) and inorganic forms (heavy metals, etc). All defined hydro chemical indicators do not exceed normative standards.

The enterprise for bottling water of the highest quality of the trade brand «KODOR» Ltd. «AQUA-SERVICE» established in 2010 currently has qualified staff and modern equipment for making plastic packages and bottling water in to the plastic coolers within – 0,5 L and 1,5 L – for calm and sparkling water, also within 5 L and 19 L calm water. Calm drinking water and sparkling water «KODOR» was certified at the state Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Abkhazia and received ЕВРАЗЭС certificate in the customs unions of Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. The company took part in the international Exhibition «Beer- 2012» in Sochi and received a golden medal for quality of water and a diploma for design decoration of the production. It was also invited to the Russian Agricultural Exhibition – «Golden Autumn 2012» Moscow and it was awarded by a diploma. The production of AQUA-Service was awarded by two gold medals of quality mark and certificates in the nomination of products supplier to the Russian market “The calm drinking water and sparkling trade mark «KODOR» at the international exhibition All-Russian mark (the III-rd millennium) Quality Mark XXI century in Moscow from 22 until May, 24, 2013. From September 2012 in Abkhazia has been working the first delivery service of drinking water. Drinking water «KODOR» is the first bottled water from Abkhazia certified in the РОСТЭСТ of RF. The company is going to release the production in the glass tare in the nearest future with the company’s logotype «KODOR» children.

The company’s main purpose is to provide buyers with calm and pure water which is not only safe but also useful for all age groups, natural which could be competitive due to its quality level.

The company’s priorities are to use natural recourses in their best quality and to sell them to buyer by available price!