The company «AQUA –SERVICE» LTD. welcomes you, a producer and supplier of unique natural drinking water of trade mark «KODOR» unique by its quality and taste. Extraction and bottling of drinking water is being exercised in the ecologically clean place of the Gulripsh region from Artesian well №156 on the depth of 200 meters. Our water consists of unique mineral salts balanced by nature itself in comparison with specially cleaned waters with artificial mineralization. It was the water that had provided a certification of water as drinking water of the highest category. The drinking calm and sparkling water of trade mark «KODORr» is fully corresponded to the sanitary and epidemiological requirements of the republic of Abkhazia and the Russian Federation. It was certified in the state Standard of the Republic of Abkhazia and got a certificate of ЕВРАЗЭС by the customs union of the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

The first service of drinking water supply has been working in Abkhazia since September 2012. The water quality corresponds to all international standards of safety and is guaranteed by constant testing in the labs!


Our proposals:

  • Price of 19 L bottle (without pledge) - 10.9USD
  • Price of reusable tare - 6.06 USD

There are water coolers:

  • Floor coolers of electrical and compressor – 166 USD
  • Table cooler of electrical and compressor – 106 USD
  • Mechanical pumps for water - 10.6USD

Free delivery and sanitary working is included into the price of our purchased equipment. We also grant service for cooler repairing!

You will get a mechanical pump as a gift during monthly order more than 50 bottles.


The water supply is exercised next day after your order, within working days at any time you like.

Relating to the issues of purchasing of drinking water in assortment: 0,5 L. – calm and sparkling water, 1,5 L. – calm and sparkling water, 5 L. – calm water.

You may address to the Company «PREMIUM» Ltd. – official distributor of trade mark «KODOR» in the territory of Abkhazia. Sukhum, Nazadze Str., 36 Tel.: +7(840) 222 56 30.

Relating to the issues of purchasing of drinking water of the highest category of trade mark «KODOR»in the territory of the Russia Federation, you may address to the official distributor «KONSTANTA» Ltd.: Moscow, Lyotchik (Pilot) Babushkin Str. ,7., tel.: : 8(495) 227 01 85.



The company’s priorities are to use natural recourses in their best quality and to sell them to buyer by available price. Best regards. Delivery telephone service. Delivery service tel.: +7(940)777-42-46 Е-mail: