It was the nature that has provided the presence of natural iodine and fluorine. It is a very rare and distinctive feature of the present pool.

Everyone who has ever been to Abkhazia knows how much we love our land, mountains, rivers, our songs, guests and our parties. And when we drink wine and propose a toast we say: “To God!” What are we asking the God? What can a person ask the God for today? When he is so powerful, confident and is able to overcome disaster and split an atom. He asks for things that are not dependent for us – for real values, fine weather, rich harvest, peace in our land and love in our houses.

One wise man said: “You may create friendship yourself, but only the God may give love to you”. Today, we may build roads, houses, grow wheat, make wine but we are not able and we will never learn how to make so simple thing as drinking water. The God gives it to us as he gives love and the sun.


DRINKING WATER "Kodor." The work of God.